What Crypto Trading Platform is Best for You?

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Choosing the best crypto trading platform to help grow your digital assets requires careful consideration of various factors such as the reputation of the exchange company, legal operation in your state or region, crypto exchange website’s security infrastructure, insurance fund provided in cases of unexpected circumstances, fees collected, and the available selection of digital currencies, among others.

Altrady is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform where you can connect multiple crypto exchange accounts for convenience. We’d like to help you know more about the various cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are available for integration with your Altrady account.

How to start trading with Binance

Binance is considered to be among the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has an average daily trading volume of $2 billion, with over 1.4 million transactions per second.

The company claims that it is not merely a crypto trading platform where you can buy Bitcoin or sell altcoins but an entire ecosystem that works on essential blockchain technology infrastructure, digital asset research, technology startup funding, crypto adoption promotion, and even charitable services.

One of the many innovations of Binance is the introduction of SAFU, which means Secure Asset Funds for Users. It is an emergency insurance fund that aims to protect the Binance traders of their crypto assets in extreme cases.

How to start trading with Binance US

Binance US is another cryptocurrency trading platform in the USA, which launched as a response to the different state regulations and country policies regarding virtual currency exchange. Binance US was launched in September 2019 is powered by Binance and operated by BAM Trading Services.

How to start trading with Bittrex

Bittrex is among the trading platforms with a significant global cryptocurrency trading volume. It boasts of a quality trading engine that is custom-built for scale and speed that can facilitate real-time order executives even with heavy demands.

Binance Global is based in Europe and operates within the region’s blockchain framework that maintains compliance to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering policies.

How to start trading with BitMEX

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers crypto trading with leverage, then you may consider BitMEX which gives access to global financial markets using only Bitcoin. This trading platform provides leverage on all its products with the amount of force varying from product to product.

Another thing that makes BitMEX enticing to people who are looking for exchanges that offer the lowest fees for cryptocurrency trading is its zero fees on deposits and withdrawals.

How to start trading with Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is a US-based crypto trading platform that provides fund security through its insurance protection. According to the Coinbase Pro cryptocurrency trading website, all the digital assets held in its online storage are fully insured with all USD balances covered by FDIC insurance of up to $250,000 per customer.

How to start trading with HitBTC

HitBTC claims to be the most advanced Bitcoin exchange as its cryptocurrency trading website shows. This exchange features a tier system for its crypto trading fees with a 24-hour support system for users. It also promises to be a secure cryptocurrency trading platform with 2-factor authentication, cold storage, and advanced encryption technology.

How to start trading with Huobi

Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, was established in 2013. It offers 5x leverage for spot trading, provides credit card payment options to buy cryptocurrency, and has secure storage that is monitored 24/7. Huobi also has a dedicated amount of 20,000 BTC as its Security Reserve Fund.

How to start trading with Kraken

Kraken was established in 2011 and boasted of many features, including high liquidity, 24/7 global support, comprehensive security, and competitive crypto trading fees. It also features secure flat currency funding solutions with currencies such as the (USD), Euros (EUR), and Canadian Dollars (CAD) with minimal fees. With Kraken, you can increase profits up to 5x with margin trading or you can also hedge your spot trades with cryptocurrency futures.

How to start trading with KuCoin

KuCoin was founded in 2017 and is considered among the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world. Among its institutional investors are IDG Capital and Matrix Partners. As of this writing, it has an accumulated transaction volume of over 66 billion in USD since its establishment.

How to start trading with OKEx

OKEx claims to have never lost coins because of its secure wallet technology. It boasts of a wide range of trading lines, such as spot trading, margin trading, futures, and perpetual swap. KuCoin has a worldwide customer base with different cryptocurrency services for traders or users in over 130 different countries.

How to start trading with Poloniex

Poloniex has been providing its users access to the cryptocurrency market since 2014. This crypto trading platform has insurance coverage and offers leverage trading for more significant returns.

To connect your cryptocurrency exchange account to the altrady crypto trading platform, you can follow the steps in this guide: How to Add a Crypto Exchange API to altrady.

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