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How to Get Published on Altrady Publication?

Here at Altrady, we welcome you to bring more knowledge to the trading community!

Altrady Publication is open to all interested writers and contributors — be it individuals or entities.

Here are the steps to publish on Altrady:

First, let us know your interest to be added on the publication:

-Send your story draft to;

-On the email subject line, type: WRITE FOR ALTRADY; and

-Wait for confirmation that you have been added to the Altrady Publication.

Once you have been added to the Altrady Publication, then you can publish on the page by following the steps:

-Go to the page where your story is published on Medium;

-Click the 3 dots at the bottom right corner of your published story;

-Click Add to Publication;

-Select Altrady; and


Why Write for Altrady?

Altrady has the mission to make crypto trading easier and more accessible to the global public. This publication may only be a supplementary medium to all our tech development efforts, but we believe that it can play a crucial role in promoting cryptocurrency adoption and in helping our community of traders.

If you have thoughts to inspire our community or tips to help budding traders, then use Altrady Publication for this purpose. Let this platform further democratize the flow of information among traders and make cryptocurrency adoption more possible.

What Stories Can You Publish?

Altrady is open to all crypto-related and blockchain-relevant contents. If you need specific ideas as to what topics you can contribute to Altrady Publication, consider the list below:

✓ Cryptocurrency trading tips, tricks, and tutorials;

✓ Cryptocurrency market analyses;

✓ Cryptocurrency application reviews;

✓ General cryptocurrency and blockchain educational contents;

✓ Insightful evaluation and analyses on matters related to decentralized finance and technology

Please don’t send spam, duplicate, or plagiarized contents.

We encourage you to write original contents and give more valuable information to help promote crypto adoption.

If you are interested in writing for Altrady, don’t hesitate to send your email to




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