7 Simple Solutions to Real-Life Problems of Professional Crypto Traders

6 min readJun 23, 2020


Most people think that professional crypto traders have everything perfectly going on in their trading venture. Because of this notion, pro traders are regarded as immune to stress, tiredness, and other real-life problems associated with the challenging nature of crypto buy and sell.

Despite being experienced in the use of advanced cryptocurrency tools and being masters of market observations, professional crypto traders still suffer from substantial life problems such as the following:

Professional Crypto Traders Summary

  • Problem #1: Loneliness and Isolation
  • Solution #1.1: Separate Your Work-Related Emotions to Personal Relationships
  • Solution #1.2: Join Crypto Trading Communities
  • Problem #2: Stress & Fatigue
  • Solution 2.1: Manage Your Expectations
  • Solution 2.2: Schedule Breaks & Use Crypto Alert Tools
  • Problem #3: Battle Between the Mind and Emotions
  • Solution 3.1: Have a Trading Journal for Organized Trading Insights
  • Solution 3.2: Automate Your Trading
  • Solution 3.3: Use a Comprehensive Portfolio Manager
professional crypto traders problems


Professional Crypto Traders Problem #1: Loneliness and Isolation

professional cryptocurrency trader

They say that cryptocurrency trading is a zero-sum game. This concept is very familiar in game theory wherein the victory of one party is equivalent to the loss of another. In many ways, trading in financial markets can be considered a zero-sum game.

However, focusing on this idea can be quite troublesome to the mind and heart of a trader. This could cause you to lose the ability to trust other people reasonably and communicate with them.

Another contributing factor to the loneliness felt by most professional traders is the very nature of their jobs which requires them to be focused on the movement of markets with trading screens accompanying them all day.

Professional Crypto Traders Solution #1.1: Separate Your Work-Related Emotions to Personal Relationships

To combat your loneliness or isolation as a professional crypto trader, you need to learn how to separate your work-related emotions to your personal interactions. If you hold on to the idea that crypto trading is a zero-sum game, you should prevent such from influencing the way you create relationships with your family and closest friends.

Professional Crypto Traders Solution #1.2: Join Crypto Trading Communities

Despite the harsh reality of crypto trading as profiting from the losses of another, you could still join cryptocurrency trading communities to lift up your spirits, help you become informed of the latest news, and to give you more ideas about effective crypto trading strategies. Who knows, you might also meet a friend in these communities…

Remember, not everyone in the crypto trading world is your enemy. With thousands of coin markets and with several cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there, surely you are not foes with millions of traders, right?

The Altrady crypto trading community is among those you can join for warm discussions and healthy information exchange. You can join their discord channel.

Professional Crypto Traders Problem #2: Stress & Fatigue

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Some people think that only beginner crypto traders are prone to stress because they are not used to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets. But do you know that even intermediate traders and experienced crypto traders can actually feel burnout?

Since professional traders dedicate more time to crypto trading than any other levels of trader, they are more prone to experiencing stress and fatigue. Focusing on the upward and downward movement of crypto charts for the whole day can be exhausting because of the roller coaster ride of emotions and mental thinking related to the activity.

Professional crypto traders who succumb to perpetual stress can potentially suffer from other health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and depression.

Professional Crypto Traders Solution 2.1: Manage Your Expectations

Our expectations can affect the way we think and deal with life. As a crypto trading pro, you have to manage your expectations properly. Although you have had several successes when it comes to getting huge profits from your previous trades, you should not forget about the risks involved.

Professional Crypto Traders Solution 2.2: Schedule Breaks & Use Crypto Alert Tools

Crypto markets are constantly moving 24/7 and sudden price drops happen in a blink of an eye. This makes it hard for most traders to have a time-out from their trading activity. To successfully schedule breaks, you need to use a professional crypto trading software that offers reliable real-time crypto alerts on your mobile device.

If you can receive cryptocurrency alerts on your smartphone, then you can confidently take a break without the fear of missing out on important market movements. You can have coffee with your partner, have a morning or afternoon walk in the park, or any other stuff that you want and still be able to receive price notifications wherever and whenever.

Download the Altrady mobile application on Android and iOS to receive real-time crypto alerts.

Professional Crypto Traders Problem #3: Battle Between the Mind and Emotions

Cryptocurrency trading is both an emotional and mental activity. Most of the time, it can also cause a battle between your emotions and your mental thoughts.

Is it now the right time to buy or sell? When markets go down, you can suddenly feel the urge of selling your coins even when your mind says that it can still bounce back. Should you follow what your heart says or go for what your mind tells you to do?

Professional Crypto Traders Solution 3.1: Have a Trading Journal for Organized Trading Insights

As a professional crypto trader, you are probably aware of the need for clear goals and trading strategies. However, following your goals and strategy can be difficult when you are presented with complex information that is often changing.

It would help a lot if you can jot down your trading thoughts and market observations on a crypto trading journal. This way, you can look back into your ideas and carefully make the right decision based on the present market condition, the recent trend, and the historical data that you have noted.

If you are using the Altrady crypto trading software, you can take advantage of the notes widget, which can serve as your trading journal. By using the notes widget, you can effectively manage your emotional triggers by looking at random observations and market behavior analyses.

Professional Crypto Traders Solution 3.2**:** Automate Your Trading

Automatic and advanced trading will help you balance your mental and emotional battles and help you prevent fatigue and stress.

You can use the automatic crypto market scanner provided by Crypto Base Scanner, which automatically scans thousands of markets and analyzes market histories against bases. By relying on automated signal providers, you can be sure to receive objective data that is based on what is truly going on in the market. Configure your trading bot according to your strategy and use these automatic signals.

Professional Crypto Traders Solution 3.3: Use a Comprehensive Portfolio Manager

It would also be wise to use an automatic portfolio manager to provide detailed and up-to-date information on your digital assets.

Altrady features a comprehensive portfolio that organizes all the relevant information concerning your digital assets across multiple exchanges. By using a reliable portfolio management system, you can make insightful trading decisions.

Check out the **Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform **and discover advanced tools and features that can help you reach your trading goals!




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